Thursday, June 18, 2015

What To Fear

Fear Not
That is what we are told
Fear Not

Sacred Books
All remind us to Fear Not

You have heard it said
But I say
Fear is natural
And sometimes healthy
But do not let your Fear overwhelm you

Do not let your Fear stop you from
Confronting violence with
Your words
Your heart
Your body
Your spirit

Go ahead and be afraid
Fear because 
Brown and Black people are targets of violence
Fear because of 
violence demonstrated against LGBTQ people
Fear because of 
systemic violence against any who are marginalized
Fear because guns are too readily available to 
cowards who commit violence at arm's length

Then look into the eyes of that Fear
And take strong loving action
Action that gets in the way of violence
Action that does not pick up a weapon
Action that is risky and peaceful
Action because of faith in a love much bigger than the violence
A love which some say is weak in comparison

Don't believe that lie
Believe in Love

"Our faith must stand strong. And, our commitment to peace. Today is for mourning. Tomorrow is for action." Angela Rupchock-Shafer

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